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Nathan Cortner

Family: Single

Education: Bachelor's of Science in Family Studies and Human Services with minors in Leadership and Conflict Resolution from Kansas State

Ministry Roles: Student Pastor

Ministry/Work Experience: 8 years of Volunteer/staff experience with YoungLife

When came to Rhea’s Mill: Guest Small group leader with Student Ministry for camp trip in Summer of 2016

First Car: 2003 Ford Mustang

Whatcha favorite tunes on your ipod/phone/cd/cassette/8 track/vinyl/phonograph? 90's & Early 2000's R&B, Jazz

Whatcha favorite books on the shelf/tablet/scroll? Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia 

First job? Student Supervisor @ Kramer Dining Center- Kansas State University 

What place would you most like to visit before you die? I want to see all the Wonder's of the World 

"We are a God dependent family devoted to helping people take steps toward maturity in Christ."
Colossians 1:28-29