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Tina Fedor

Family: My husband, Joe, and I are blessed with two great kids, Kaylie and Colton.

Education:  Associate Degree in Computer Programming; Office Mgmt and Insurance certifications

Ministry Roles:  Office Administration, including finances, membership, and promotion

When came to Rhea’s Mill:  March 1998 as part-time office help.  The only thing I did was answer the phone - maybe 10 calls a week - and sort the mail.  There was no internet or email.  Times have changed!

Ministry/Work Experience:  Retail clerk, data processor, bank teller, payment processor, insurance statistician, office administration

First Car: Gold 1970 Dodge Coronet handed down from my dad, rusted-out door included

Favorite Food:  Chicken wings (I’m from Buffalo, NY and ate them at the original Anchor Bar before the rest of the country knew what they were)

Favorite season? Why? Autumn - being able to breathe again after the heat of the summer goes away, and the beautiful colors from the leaves changing color.

First job?  Christmas help at a JCPenney store in the baby department - I was 17 and didn’t know a thing about babies!

"We are a God dependent family devoted to helping people take steps toward maturity in Christ."
Colossians 1:28-29