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Bo Thompson

Family: I’m am extremely fortunate to be married to my beautiful wife Stacie since 1992. We have three incredible daughters – Taylor, Abbi, and Dani.

Education: I have a BA from Columbia International University in Bible and Christian Education, and a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary with an emphasis in New Testament and Pastoral Ministry.

Ministry Roles: I am the Senior Pastor. Generally this means I do most of the preaching on Sunday morning, and provide directional leadership to the staff and the entire church.

When came to Rhea’s Mill: I started at Rhea’s Mill in June of 2009.

Ministry/Work Experience: I served as a Youth and Worship Pastor from 1984 – 2001, as Pastor of Small Groups and Assimilation from 2001-2007, and as a church planter from 2007-2009.

Whatcha favorite tunes on your ipod/phone/cd/cassette/8 track/vinyl/phonograph? That all depends on what I’m doing. If I’m working at my desk I’m listening to classical piano music. I find its lack of movement drowns out the noise around me, helping me concentrate. If I’m in my truck, I’m usually listening to Christian music or news radio. And, if I’m running I’m listening to Pandora and the station is typically something like Lynyrd Skynyrd (I’ve got to have something with a strong beat).

What is your favorite season? Why? I could say fall, but I can be more specific than that … Deer Season. I really like to hunt. Football Season would also fall in that same time frame. 

What do you like to do in your free time? In addition to the above, believe it or not I really enjoy working in the yard. I find that very relaxing and satisfying. I also enjoy running (I was able to complete my first marathon in 2013) and doing anything with my wife and kids.

"We are a God dependent family devoted to helping people take steps toward maturity in Christ."
Colossians 1:28-29